Objective (review) - quick tips

                Class REVIEW for "Objective"

The Character is always WANTING something! 

Choose objectives and play them with commitment

Actors should always remain flexible to the needs of your partner and the director, and to the discoveries you make in the moment. 

Things to Remember:

· Objectives are the basic building blocks of the acting process. At all times during a performance, you must be going after what you want.

· Think and talk of objectives in terms of verbs. The more active, physical, and other- directed those verbs are, the better.

· There are three levels of objectives: the super objective, scene objectives, and tactics moment to moment.

· Memorize your objective choices just as you do lines of dialogue.

· Objectives live in the body. Get them out of your brain and into your body.

· Remain "other"-directed as you pursue your objective. Focus on your partner, observing the effect you are having on him or her.

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